Death Sword

Finalist – Chanticleer Book Reviews Blue Ribbon Paranormal Awards 2013

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The only thing more dangerous than an angel of death is one obsessed with vengeance.

Karla Black has always known she’s different from other people. She learns just how different after she’s fatally stabbed and brought back to life as a half-human angel of death.

With new found power comes a new found boss.

Samael despises her. He considers Karla impure and resents her relationship with her partner Xariel…who also happens to be Samael’s ex-lover. When he takes that hatred to a higher level, Karla vows vengeance – a task easier said than done.

With the loss of their angelic powers, Karla and Xariel face a dilemma – how will they defeat an unstoppable Samael, whose poisoned rapier can kill human and angel alike?

If Karla doesn’t awaken to her true identity, both heaven and earth are in danger of annihilation.

Genre: Erotic Fantasy

Word Count: 42,000

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“If you like dark angels and urban fantasy, this book is well worth your time.” (Amazon review)

“I have to say that this book started off pretty strong from the very beginning of the book, and also managed to keep up the plot in terms of suspense until the end of the book.” (Urban Fantasy Reviews)


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