Appearances and Interviews

Imaginarium (October 6-8)

(Schedule subject to change.)
Indie Gathering (August 8-14)
Imaginarium (October 7-9)

Dark Heroic Fantasy
Blak Rayne’s Blog
Blak Rayne’s Blog
Jamieson Wolf’s Review of Exterminating Angel
Paranormal Romantics
Jamieson Wolf
Laken Cane
Mysti Parker Unwritten
Mimi Sebastian

Selah Janel Come Selahway With Me
Juli D. Revezzo Supernatural Author

Mae Clair From the Pen of Mae Clair
Taryn Rayne Tuesdays with Taryn
Sara-Jayne Townsend Imaginary Friends
C. R. Richards Books and Banter newsletter (Halloween 2012)
Jill ArcherĀ  2012 Fall into Winter Darkness Book Blast
Sean Taylor Bad Girls, Good Guys, and Two-Fisted Action
Jesse V. Coffey Edin Road Radio

Roundtable discussion of horror on “Bad Girls, Good Guys, and Tw0-Fisted Action”: “The Horror of It All – Writers on Being Scary with Words”

Older Guest Blog Posts
Ashley Barron
The Book Boost
Creative Chatter
Toad’s Corner
Rosalie Lario
Natasha Bennett
Teresa D’Amario
Illusions of Intimacy
Insomniac Postmidnights
Paranormal Romance Writer, Clara Hanoux

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